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Gifts For Sister

Gifts For Sister

For Sister, gifts can be both hand made and custom. It will help to establish stronger ties with your sister. The relationship between brother and sister is like two birds chirping. They fight, cry, scream and still love to stand by the other side in time of need.The celebration of the relationship between brother and sister is manifested in the festivals of the Indian "rakhi" and "bhai duj."

In the first festival, the sister ties a string around the wrist of her brother to protect deaths and suffering. Sometimes the links brother also a string around the wrist sister. In the feast of bhai duj, sisters pray for the long life of the brothers. Both celebrations to transparent relationship. In this celebration, the sisters receive gifts of their brethren. Gifts For Sister in this case may be clothing store, tribal jewelry made by hand, many types of chocolates, bags and botuwa (Indian hand bags), bracelets, soft toys, to name a few. Gifts For Sister depend on the age and taste of the sister.

Often sisters are like brothers girls. They define the life of their sister. It was during the ceremony bidai in Indian culture accompany the brothers their sisters in the laws of his home. It is a sensitive ceremony brimming with emotion. For Sister Gifts can even be spa and bath gift with fragrance candles and dark chocolates. You can even submit your sister Lacoste, Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Christian Dior, Hugo Boss, Escada, to name a few.


Gifts For Brother

Gifts For Brother

Gifts For Brother should be both fun and innovative. Brothers are like friends. They often assume the character of the father. They are idolized by the younger siblings. They take responsibility for the house at the time of maturity. For sisters brothers assumed the role of mentor.Gifts For Brother sports can be gifts. Brothers love of the sport. They are crazy about sport.

They will be overwhelmed by the donation of sports equipment and accessories. It symbolizes even a gesture of encouragement. They will be delighted to receive gifts of games and videos. You can even submit computer related gifts to your brothers. You can even offer your brother photographic mugs and T-shirts. Genealogy Donations can also be the element that this unique gift. This variety of gifts can be presented as his birthday gift for Brother.

Gourmet Gifts can even be presented to the brothers. You can even theme of the food basket for the brothers. You can have regional thematic food gift basket as Italian, Chinese, Japanese and Spanish to name a few. Done main food baskets will be surprising for the brothers. This is the best way to surprise your brothers.

Brothers are gismo swell. The boys love to play with their toys. Provided you have enough money, you can make your brother electronic commodities as a gift Brothers.


Gifts For Wife

Gifts For Wife

Gifts for the bride is a showcase of your love and care. The relationship that the husband shares with his wife is the relationship of trust. They are two different persons, retaining their individual perspective but one soul. They represent the family as a whole. Like all other reports they face the wrath of the storm. There is a huge amount of

Empathy involved in this particular pairing. Two people never get out of love in the relationship of marriage. It is a symbiotic relationship.

Gift For Wife ethnic jewelry can be made up of donations in money pendants ethnic Rajasthan, a state in western India. It may also include beaded jewelry as beaded bracelets. These jewels occur stories from the past. These beaded accessories are made from seeds or clay. They are environmentally friendly too. You can even offer her beaded belts and hats. These products bear the hand of the heat and emotion of another person. You can help small tribal peoples through the purchase of the product c overlap them. This act will certainly bring a smile on your face moon wife. Gifts For the spouse can even be spa and bath gifts. You can even surprise your wife with a home-cooked dinner. For gifts may include his wife preferred numbers and movies. Gifts For the spouse must be decorated with red roses and ribbons and nets.


Gifts For Her

Gifts For Her

Gifts For Her will speak the words of your heart of hearts. It will bring life to the relationship that has waited long for the words to determine the significance of the person in your soul. Many people fail to take their liaison to the altar as they have fallen short of words. With the help of Gifts For Her that you can open your heart to your beloved.

Gifts It can be bath and spa gifts with botanical products like cleansing gel, refining daily scrub, toning essential nutrient, antioxidant cream enabled, activated Wednesday mineral mask, mask purification green papaya, flavored salts bath, night cream, to name only a few toners in the list endless. You can even incorporate dark chocolates and scented candles in the cart for her.

Gifts It may even be your mother's darling. Mothers share an eternal bond with their children. You can transfer the current photo gifts to your mom. A huge cup of coffee with pots of green and black teas labeled with witnesses can be great gift basket for your sweet mother. Apart from all these physical objects the best thing you can present to your mother is time to accompany him in his thoughts and dreams.


Gifts For Him

Gifts For Him

Gifts For Him include gifts for your beloved father, sweet son, adorable darling and beloved friends. Fathers are very close to the daughter of his heart. So it is offering gift job that requires a lot of attention. The most beautiful article that can provide a child with his father is because of his reverence and love. In our lives, fathers are in the form of divine life. Especially for sons father is like a best friend.Gifts For him, that is, the father has to be beautiful and innovative.

The main gifts like life or size portrait done by hand store can be an amazing gift for your father. Some songs, quotations and poetry can also be movement along other gift items in the gift basket. It is a volatile chore to decide what can be offered to our father. The gift must be a manifestation of the connection that we have with him. Girls are dubbed as father angels. This should provide a girl to his father can go chocolates, novels, gourmets, the monogrammed golf gifts and sports equipment.

Gifts For Him may even be for your love and a lovely friend. The gifts you offer will depend on the preference. Try to uniqueness in the gift basket decorating with flowers and their favorite wines.

Gifts For Him, in other words, the son can be really exciting with a mix and match of everything he loves. The elements that may be included in the gift basket for your son novels are soft, greedy, accessories like cap or a device to the wrist, hand-ethnic ornaments, his favorite numbers, free download games and virtual sports posters.


Saturday, November 24, 2007

Gifts For Fiancé

Gifts For Fiance

For Fiancé, gifts can be donated that will be presented to his birthday, promotion and on the occasion of Christmas and New Year, to name a few. It is the love of your life. He slowly crawled in your heart of hearts. He melted all your emotions and senses. It can benumb the senses. It can make you blabber words without meaning. It is worthy task of presenting a gift to someone who means so much to you.

For gifts Fiancé are offerings of love and care. For Fiancé gifts can be personalized main elements. These elements are customized gift of the window hidden feelings of deep dark marrows of your heart. You can see the emotions of the soul, with the help of the main gifts. For gifts Fiancé chocolate gifts can be many varieties as bitter chocolate, milk chocolate, chocolate cream, cocoa butter, chocolate chips, to name a few. You can even submit hot chocolate to your fiancee. Chocolates will determine the degree of softness involved in the relationship.

For gifts Fiancé may even include sports gear as accessories of a number of sports. This will be a basis for your fiancee. Junk snacks and gourmet can be astonishing Gifts betrothed. You can even include health and organic food in the basket of gifts for engaged couples


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Gifts For Husband

For Husband, gifts are gifts of love, care, affection and concern. Before marriage, the parents are the people closest soul of a person. After the marriage knot is tied, it is husband who turns to take the central place in a woman's life. The life of a woman revolves around her husband. Husbands are supposed to be the part of a woman soul.The man who guarantees the social status of the family is the husband, even to this day, in a building societal structure.

Gifts For Husband may be to dwell on the hand, hats, gloves, jackets, to name a few. You can even give your husband cherished a romantic dinner for two only with all its favorite food. Sports gifts can be both exciting and attractive elements. You can integrate sport as gear wrist gear, sports shoes, strollers, eye gear and so forth in the gift basket for him. Gifts husband has to be a combination of all its features favorites.

If your husband is a crazy sport like football or golf, you can submit a DVD collection on this particular sport. You can even submit sports accessories as a gift item. A set of his favorite numbers and classic films can be incorporated into the Gifts For Husband basket.


Monday, April 9, 2007

Chanel- Fashion House

This well-known fashion house once belonged to the high priestess of fashion - Coco Chanel and decades after her death, this fashion house still maintains her high standards under the guidance of Karl Lagerfeld.

Be it clothes, jewelry, perfumes, eyewear, make-up and skin care products or watches, Chanel offers only the best. The corporate logo consists of two C's in the opposite direction and this logo is found on all Chanel products. Chanel's boutiques are located in Asia, Europe, North America and Latin America. Chanel was the first designer to create a boutique that allowed customers to try out clothes in a non-fussy environment. Coco Chanel was a passionate visionary who transformed women's lifestyles. Today people all around the world desire the luxury of Chanel. Chanel's exclusive collection of perfumes include N°5, Chance, Allure, Coco, Coco Mademoiselle, N°19 and Pour Monsieur amongst others. Hollywood star Nicole Kidman is the current face of Chanel and models for the fragrance N°5 and Chanel timepieces. visit: www.chanel.com


Floral Arts Gifts

Floral Arts are the most demanding of all the gifts. They might not live for long, still they are popular. Every one loves flowers. From cradle to grave it can be a gift. So many times they have been personified. Wordsworth's "I wandered lonely as a cloud" depicts the de- glamorized part of a flower, where daffodils stand all day long to meet death by the evening.

Floral Arts can bring a smile to anyone. Flowers rejuvenate a whole day's indolence. They can be presented to parents, kith and kin, spouse and even friends. It carries the fragrance across continents.
They can be presented as plant gifts, funeral and sympathy gifts, fall bouquets, exquisite tropical flower designs, spring flowers, summer flowers, new baby gifts and gifts for all occasion. Floral Arts are most popular as a valentine day's gift. Rose day is celebrated throughout the world with much pomp and show. Floral Arts can turn the atmosphere brighter. There is a belief that floral arts can enhance the thinking capacity of a person. It is the best way to show a person that you care. "I have waited a lifetime for you" by Linda Bledsoe, brings us to the light that the enthusiasm of the wait will never die if accompanied by flowers.


Buy Jewelry Gifts

Jewelry Gifts once a gift item for the women, are now in demand for men too. Men make a fashion statement by accessorizing their clothing. They add value to the clothing that a person wears. JewelryGifts can be a little expensive, but they are the best gift a person can present to their beloved ones.

Jewelry Gifts can range from clay- terracotta to diamond. Diamond is a woman's best friend, as goes the proverb, but it is not possible for every one togift a diamond. The trendy bead jewelries of the Ethnic origin are vogue now-a-days.
These beads can also substitute the function of the belts. The belts accessorized with beads are in, in the present-day. The JewelryGifts market is bulging day by day. The hand designed tribal jewelries have created a place of own. These tribal jewelries are inspired from the natural material like the paua shells, jade, pearls to name a few. Ethnic jewelries are the mantra of the day. These ethnic jewelries have originality to a large extent. They cannot be duplicated. They even inspire poetry.

The West Asian, especially hand crafted crystal jewelries consists of Lavender Sachets, Evil Eye Bracelets, Turkoman Jewelry and trendy Swarovski Crystal jewelry. Tibetan jewelries are unique in origin. They are prepared from bones, horn, agate, shell and lapis. These hand-made JewelryGifts which are eco-friendly too. The Jewelry Gifts with a humane touch are an added attraction to the person who receives them.


Haloween Gift Baskets

Halloween - the festival of ghosts, ghouls, zombies, witches and goblins also apparently requires gifts. Children dressed up in spooky outfits wander from door to door collecting trick-or-treats.

Well, now you can send our halloween baskets to your relatives, friends and neigbours just to spook them! We offer you a vast selection of spooky gift baskets that are bound to shock your near and dear ones. In addition, we have also included some of the popular halloween food items. So this halloween, send out our gift baskets to all those you wish to spook and we assure you that they will enjoy every item of our Halloween Gift Basket!

The Halloween Costume Basket contains minitaure scare crows, goblins and witches, which glow in the dark. You can also choose fictional characters like like Dracula, Frankenstein's monster,
The Wolf Man, and The Mummy to be included in this basket. Apart from these miniatures, the basket will also feature a pack of candy corns and a bottle of apple cider. Kids are sure to love this basket. The Halloween Pumpkin Basket features a jack-o-lantern that is pumpkin carved into a scary face with fircrackers. You can also opt from a Gourmet basket with pumpkin pie, fruit cakes, novelty candies and toffees.


Sunday, March 11, 2007

Nokia 6131 Mobile Phone

Nokia 6131 Mobile Phone

Product Features
Nokia 6131 Mobile Phone
Experience the power of a touch. Slim and light, the Nokia 6131 phone is encased in a layer of soft-touch paint that feels great in your hand.Flip it open with the unique one-touch push-to-open design for comfortable one-hand messaging, dialing and answering calls. Inside, the Nokia 6131 phone comes with all the features you want, including a brilliant 16.7 million "true color" main display and 262,144 color outer display, ideal for use with the 1.3 megapixel camera. Enjoy the full music experience with MP3 player and FM radio with Visual Radio technology.

Key Features

* Slim, stylish fold design with innovative, one-hand push-to-open operation
* Dual displays: 16-million "true" colors inside and 262,144 colors outside
* Active standby on enhanced Series 40 UI
* Light indication on outer display for missed calls/SMS/calendar reminders
* 1.3 megapixel camera with full-screen viewfinder for both main and outer display
* Email with attachments
* xHTML browser
* Enhanced messaging with recently used contacts and groups
* Clearly separated keys for easy dialing and messaging
* MP3 player and FM stereo radio with Visual Radio
* Fast browsing and downloads with EDGE
* MicroSD memory cards available as enhancements (optional)

User Interface

* Light indication on outer display for missed calls/SMS/calendar reminders
* Clearly separated keys for easy dialing and messaging
* Demo mode (phone demo without SIM card)


* 1.3 megapixel camera with 8x digital zoom (1280 x 960 pixel resolution)
* Full-screen viewfinder for both main and outer display
* Camera key for taking pictures
* PictBridge printing via USB cable


* Simplified messaging with recently used contacts log and groups
* Email: Access your work and private email accounts; supports SMTP, POP3, and IMAP4 protocols. Support for attachments (Java version)
* Nokia Xpress# Audio Messaging: Record your own voice message and send to compatible devices
* MMS OMA 1.2: Combine image, video, text, and voice clips and send as an MMS to a compatible phone or PC; use MMS to tell your story with a multi-slide presentation. The MMS OMA 1.2 specification allows you to send/receive messages up to 300 kB in size.
* Text messaging: Supports concatenated SMS, picture messaging, SMS distribution list
* Predictive text input: Support for all major languages in Europe and Asia Pacific
* Presence: Includes Wireless Village, Instant Messaging, and Dynamic phonebook; know someone's status before you call


* MP3 player supporting formats including MP3, MP4, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, WMA, H.263, H.264 (eAAC+ only playback no streaming)
* Improved audio quality with new speaker
* FM stereo radio with Visual Radio
* Video streaming (3GPP)
* Video ringing tones
* 64-chord/voice polyphonic MIDI ringing tones

Memory Function

* Combo memory with 32 MB flash and 16 MB RAM - about 11 MB user data (11 MB user memory: 10 MB for gallery and applications, 1 MB shared memory for 1000 contact, calendar or note entries)
* Hotswap microSD memory card slot supporting up to 2GB microSD memory cards (available as enhancements)


* Java# MIDP 2.0 with over-the-air download of Java-based applications and games
* FOTA - Firmware update over the air
* Wireless presenter (PC application on webpage)
* Nokia Sensor application for improved networking
* Games: 3D Soccer and Snake


* Nokia PC Suite with USB, Bluetooth and IrDa connectivity
* Bluetooth wireless connectivity (SIM access, headset, and handsfree profiles) including stereo support for headsets
* Pop-Port# interface with USB
* Local/remote SyncML data synchronization


* Integrated xHTML browser
* Smart content download - OMA Digital rights management 1.0

Data Transfer

* EDGE (EGPRS)*: Class 10, download up to 236.8 kbps
* GPRS: (General Packet Radio Service)*: Class 10, download up to 85.6 kbps
* *Note: Actual achieved speeds may vary depending on network support

Personal Information Management (PIM)

* Manage your time and information with the enhanced calendar, and view your notes on the new active standby mode
* Organizer with calendar, to-do list, notes and calculator
* Alarm clock, Countdown timer (normal and interval timer

Call Management

* Speed dialing
* Logs: Keeps lists of your dialed, received, and missed calls
* Automatic answer (works with headset or car kit only)
* Call waiting, call hold, call divert, call timer

Voice Features

* Push to talk: Select the person or group you want to talk to and press the Push to talk key (long press of volume up key) to communicate
* Enhanced voice dialing with SIND: Speaker-independent name dialing on long press volume down key
* Integrated handsfree speaker with new high quality speaker for better audio experience
* Voice commands
* Voice recorder

Digital Services

* User Interface (UI) themes including e.g. animated wallpapers and screensavers, ringing tones
* Ringing tones: Video, MP3 ringing tones, True Tones and MIDI ringing, alert, and gaming tones with support of 64 polyphony
* OTA download possibility for: Themes, True Tones, MP3 ringing tones, MIDI ringing tones, screensavers, wallpapers, 3GPP streaming, images and videos, Series 40 Java games and applications

Sales Package Contents

* Nokia 6131 phone
* Nokia Battery BL-4C
* Nokia Compact Charger AC-3
* Nokia Classic Stereo Headset HS-23
* Benefits guide, User guide

Nokia Bluetooth HS-4W (Free Bluetooth)
Gain more freedom with the Nokia Wireless Boom Headset. Whether rushing to a meeting or just out for a stroll, you don't have to go searching through your bag or your coat to take the call.Handsfree convenience make this light, comfortable headset a pleasure to use. It's elegant, comfortable technology finely honed to the needs and rhythms of your life, both business and pleasure. Don't miss a stride.

Wireless Boom Headset:

* Stylish, comfortable wireless headset
* Bluetooth wireless technology
* Convenient call handling from the headset
* Effortless handsfree functionality
* Switches easily from one ear to the other
* LED light for status indication
* Increased Mobility, Multiplied Options

The Nokia Wireless Boom Headset is an elegant but light and effortless piece of technology. You enjoy a range of wireless functionality, and gain handsfree mobility and freedom. Don't worry if you can't reach your phone. Simple controls allow you to redial, voice dial activate, and adjust volume right from the headset. You can switch the headset to your other ear, or revert to phone control when you need to.

* Call handling from headset
* Answer/end
* Redial
* Voice dial activate
* Mute
* Switch between phone and handsfree modes
* Rocker switch volume control
* Bluetooth connection active, call status and battery low indicated by multi-colored LEDs.
* Automatic reconnection to default user or the last user.
* Automatic reconnection at power on and disconnect at power off.

This product is compatible with:
Benq-Siemens: EF81 S88
BlackBerry: 7100t 7100v 7100x 7290 8700G
LG: KG800 U8380 U880
Motorola: A1000 A1010 A1010 A780 A820 A820 A830 A830 A835 A835 A910 A920 A920 A925 A925 E1000 E1060 E1060 E1070 E1120 E1120 E390 E390 E398 E550 E770V MPx MPx100 MPx220 ROKR E2 SLVR L7 U6 V1050 V280 V3 V360 V360 V3i V3x V500 V500 V525 V525 V545 V547 V550 V560 V560 V600 V600 V620 V620 V635 V80
Nokia: 2610 3230 3250 3650 3650 5500 Sport 6021 6103 6111 6125 6131 6230 6230 6230i 6233 6234 6260 6270 6280 6282 6310/6310i 6310/6310i 6600 6600 6630 6670 6680 6680 6681 6681 6810 6810 6820 6820 6822 7280 7370 7380 7600 7600 7610 7700 7700 7710 8800 8910/8910i 8910/8910i 9300 9300i 9500 E50 E60 E61 E70 N70 N71 N72 N73 N80 N90 N91 N92 N93 N-Gage QD
Palm: Treo 600 Treo 600 Treo 650 Treo 650
Panasonic: SA7 SA7 VS7 VS7 X70 X70 X700 Z800
Qtek: 2020i 9000 9090 S100 S200
Sagem:MyX-8 MyX-8
Samsung: D500 D500 D600 D720 D720 D800 E530 E720 E720 E730 E770 E900 P850 P860 Z130 Z130 Z140 Z300 Z300 Z400 Z500 Z510
Sharp: 802 802 902 902 GX15 GX25 GX25 GX30
Siemens: CX75 M75 S55 S55 S75 SL75 SX1 SX1 U10 U10 U15 U15
Sony Ericsson: D750i K310i K510i K600 K600 K608i K610i K700 K750i K790i K800i M600i P800 P800 P900 P900 P910 P990i S600i S700 S710 T610 T610 T630 T630 T68 T68 T68i T68i V600i V800 W300i W550i W700i W710i W800 W810i W850i W900i W950i Z1010 Z1010 Z500 Z520i Z530i Z550i Z600 Z600 Z710i Z800 Z800 Z800


Acer-Travelmate 3012WTMi Laptop

Acer ACER - Travelmate 3012WTMi Laptop

Acer ACER - Travelmate 3012WTMi Laptop

Product Features
Acer ACER - Travelmate 3012WTMi Laptop
This high performance, ultra-portable laptop boasts Dual Core Intel processing and a massive Gigabyte of memory, making it one of the most powerful ultra-portables currently available. All the top networking options are available including Gigabit and wireless LAN as well as Bluetooth, whilst the 12.1# display makes this laptop one of the most portable and lightweight full-power laptops available.
Key Features:

* Intel Centrino Core Duo Processor 1.66GHz
* 100GB Hard Drive
* External IEEE 1394 DVD Dual Layer Drive - To read DVDs and CDs and write CDs, DVD+, DVD- and large Dual Layer DVD
* 12.1" WXGA Widescreen TFT Screen
* Intel 945GM up to 224MB Integrated 3D Graphics
* Integrated gigabit LAN and 56k v.90 data fax modem
* Integrated wireless 802.11a/b/g LAN - Call for advice on Wireless networking
* Integrated Bluetooth
* Free Bluetooth VOIP Phone
* Integrated Rotating 1.3 MegaPixel Camera
* Integrated 5-in-1 card reader # reads Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, MultiMediaCard, SD Memory Card and XD Picture Card
* Microsoft Windows XP Professional Edition Pre Loaded
* Includes Cyberlink Power-DVD and NTI CD-Maker


Chocolate-Covered Strawberries Gift Box

Chocolate-Covered Strawberries Gift Box Click The Above Image for Buying

Chocolate-Covered Strawberries Gift Box

Give a surprise of sweet treasures! A stunning gift box holds a selection of our luscious, gourmet chocolate-covered strawberries. These unique strawberries are dipped in either dark, milk or white chocolate, then sprinkled with almonds, coconut, mini-chocolate chips and double-dipped or decorated with two types of chocolate. It’s an exquisite surprise for birthdays, anniversaries or just because you care enough to give a gift that will not be forgotten. A full variety will be shipped. Choose from 2 dozen, 1 dozen or ½ dozen.

Delivered via FedEx, UPS, or DHL

Send flowers starting at $29.99 & get same day delivery!

1-800-Flowers.com - With one of the most recognized brands in gift retailing, 1-800-Flowers.com® provides a broad range of thoughtful gifts - including flowers, plants, gourmet foods, candies, gift baskets and other unique gifts - to customers around the world.

Company Overview
Jim McCann, founder and CEO of 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, INC., opened his first retail store in 1976 and successfully built his own chain of 14 flower shops in the New York metropolitan area. In 1986, he acquired the 1-800-FLOWERS phone number and continued to grow his business under the 1-800-FLOWERS® name. His immediate focus was to create a reliable brand name built on trust, and over the next few years he achieved this through his understanding of his customer base and market. The next logical step was expansion, and McCann successfully expanded his business into other retail access channels-going online in 1992 and opening a web site in 1995. Today, 1-800-FLOWERS.COM® has a well-known web site (www.1800flowers.com), and maintains strategic online relationships with a number of online services, including America Online, Microsoft Network (MSN), and Yahoo!.


History UK Mother's Day

History of the UK Mother's Day

Mothering Sunday has been celebrated in the UK on the fourth Sunday in Lent since at least the 16th century. For a long time, it has been a day for giving thanks for all the things our mothers do for us. Mothering Sunday is always the fourth Sunday of Lent.

Why is Mothering Sunday on different days each year?

Mothering Sunday is not a fixed day because it is always the middle Sunday in Lent (which lasts from Ash Wednesday to the day before Easter Sunday).

The History behind Mothering Sunday

Mothering Sunday was also known as 'Refreshment Sunday' or 'Mid-Lent Sunday'. It was often called Refreshment Sunday because the fasting rules for Lent were relaxed, in honour of the Feeding of the Five Thousand, a story in the Christian Bible.

Chiddingstone ChurchNo one is absolutely certain exactly how the idea of Mothering Sunday began, but it's known that on this day, about four hundred years ago, people who lived in little villages made a point of going not to their local church but to the nearest big church. To what was called the Mother Church. And some would go to the nearest city to worship in the cathedral.

People who visited their mother church would say they had gone "a mothering." Young English girls and boys 'in service' were only allowed one day to visit their family each year. This was usually Mothering Sunday. Often the housekeeper or cook would allow the maids to bake a cake to take home for their mother. Sometimes a gift of eggs; or flowers from the garden (or hothouse) was allowed. Flowers were traditional, as the young girls and boys would have to walk home to their village, and could gather them on their way home.

In recent times Mothering Sunday has in Britain taken on the name and character of the US Mothers' Day. The original meaning of Mothering Sunday in England has been largely lost. Mothers Day in America is a fixed date and does not change from year to year like Mothering Sunday does in England.



Saturday, March 10, 2007

Pentax optio E10 Camera

Product Features
Pentax optio E10 Camera
PENTAX is a leader in easy-to-use digital photography, and the latest affordable Optio E10 offers entry-level compact digital with 6.0 megapixels and a 3X optical lens. Even novice digital photographers will enjoy the slim, lightweight body and the Simple mode selection dial. Add a high resolution 2.4 inch LCD, 10 MB of internal memory, travel-compatible AA battery power, high quality AVI Movie capture, and the Optio E10 makes a perfect digital choice.
  • Convenient Mode dial, intuitive controls and "Simple mode" combine for easy operation.
  • The 6.0 megapixel CCD and primary color filter achieve high-resolution images with vivid color.
  • Composition and focusing are made much simpler with the high-resolution 2.4 inch LCD monitor.
  • Get close and maintain image quality with a 3X optical zoom lens.
  • Ready to use right out of the box with 10MB internal memory and included AA batteries.
  • Extended movie captures high quality AVI (Motion JPEG Format) approx. 20 fps with sound.
Effective Pixels
6.0 megapixels.
Image Capture Device
1/2.5 inch interline transfer CCD with a primary color filter Total Pixels - 6.36 megapixels Color Depth - 12 bit x 3 colors Recorded Pixels - Still: 6M (2816x2112 pixels), 4M (2272x1704 pixels), 2M(1600x1200 pixels), 0.3M (640x480 pixels); Movie: 320x240
Focus System
TTL contrast detection autofocus system with AF assist lamp Autofocus - Multi-point AF & Infinity Landscape Mode Focusing Range - Auto Focus: Normal - 1.64 ft (0.5m) to Infinity; Wide Macro - 2.0 inches (0.05 m) to 1.31 ft (0.4 m) at 5.5mm; Tele Macro - 1.15 ft (0.35m) to 1.31 ft (0.4m) at 16.5mm
PENTAX power zoom Focal Length - 5.5mm - 16.5mm 35mm,Equivalent - 35mm - 114mm,Aperture Range - F2.8 -F4.8,Construction - 6 elements in 5 groups (2 aspherical elements),Optical Zoom - 3X Digital Zoom - 4X Combined - Approx. 12X
Exposure Control
Light Metering Method - TTL metering with choice of: Center-weighted & Spot meter Sensitivity - Auto, or User select ISO 64, 100, 200 Exposure Control Method - Program AE Exposure Modes - Mode dial: Simple, Program, Landscape, Night Scene, Portrait, Sport, Movie Exposure Compensation - +/-2 EV (1/3 steps) Shutter - Type: Programmed AE electronic lens shutter with CCD electronic shutter; Shutter Speed: Approx. 1/1000 - 2 seconds White Balance - White Balance Control: TTL Auto, Manual; Available Settings: Auto, Daylight, Cloudy, Tungsten light, Fluorescent light Flash - Operation Modes: Auto, Flash-off, Flash-on, Red-eye reduction; Effective Range: Approx. 11 ft (3.4m) (5.5mm at Sensitivity 200); Approx. 6.6 ft (2m) (16.5mm at Sensitivity 200)
Shooting Specifications
Picture Modes - Portrait, Landscape, Night scene, Sport Digital Filter - Black & White, Sepia Drive Modes - Single-shot, Continuous, Auto bracket, Self-timer Movie Mode - Shooting Time: From approx. 1 sec. to memory card capacity
Modes - dd/mm/yy, mm/dd/yy, yy/mm/dd
Image Storage
Storage Media - Approx 10MB built-in memory, SD memory card removable File Formats - Still: JPEG (Exif 2.2), DCF 1.1 (Design rule for Camera File system), DPOF 1.0(Digital Print Order Format), PRINT Image Matching III; Movie: AVI (Motion JPEG) approx. 20fps with sound
Optical Viewfinder - N/A LCD Monitor - 2.4 inch, Low reflection TFT color LCD LCD Coverage - Approx. 100% LCD Resolution - Approx. 110,000 pixels
Playback Specifications
Playback Modes File - Single, Index- Nine image Magnification - 4X Playback Menu - Slideshow, Protect, DPOF, Resize, Quality Change, Image Copy Erase and Image Protect Modes - Single, All
One image printing, DPOF auto print
English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Swedish, Dutch, Japanese, Chinese.
AV output terminal, USB terminal; Video Output - Compatible with NTSC and PAL formats (monaural sound)
Power Supply
Two AA Batteries (Alkaline or rechargeable NiMH), AC adaptor kit (optional); (allows approximately 300 shots with 2500mAh NiMH, 80 shots with Alkaline) According to CIPA-compliant testing (with LCD monitor on and flash used for 50% of the shots)
Physical Specifications
Operating Temperatures - 32 degrees to 104 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees to 40 degrees Celsius) Camera Casing - Plastic Dimensions (W x H x D) - 3.4 x 2.4 x 1.3 Inches (87 x 60 x 32mm) Weight - 4.6 oz. (130g) without battery and SD memory card, 6.3 oz. (180g) loaded and ready
Computer System Requirements
USB (Driver installment is required for Windows 98/98 SE) Mac Requirements - OS: Mac OS 9.2 or later with QuickTime 6.0, standard equipped USB port PC Requirements - OS: Windows 98, 98SE, Me, 2000, XP Home/Pro, standard equipped USB port Software: ACDSee for PENTAX Mac Requirements - OS: 9.2 (with the latest CarbonLib) or later with QuickTime 6.0 or later installed CPU: POWER Macintosh machines of 266MHz or later Memory capacity: Over 8MB Hard disk capacity: Over 6MB PC Requirements - OS: Windows 98 SE, Me, NT, 2000, and XP Home Edition/Professional CPU: Pentium or later Memory capacity: Over 64MB Hard disk capacity: Over 40MB


Sony DSC S500 Digital Camera

Sony DSC S500 Digital Camera
Sony DSC S500 Digital Camera
A remarkable combination of value, simplicity and performance make the Sony® Cyber-shot® DSC-S500 a perfect choice for first-time digital photographers. The DSC-S500 combines 6.0 megapixel resolution with a quality 3X optical zoom lens design, terrific wide-angle shooting capability, 25 MB1 Internal Memory for capturing shots in-camera, and a bright 2.4" 2 LCD screen that allows you to check your shots and share results immediately.
Key Feature :
6.0 Megapixel Super HAD™ CCD
More megapixels give you more detail and definition when you make big prints or crop in tight on your subject. The Sony advanced Super HAD™ (Hole Accumulated Diode) CCD design allows more light to pass to each pixel, increasing sensitivity and reducing noise.
3X Optical/2X Digital Zoom
3X Optical Zoom helps the DSC-S500 bring distant subjects closer and lets you frame shots for better composition; the Sony precision 2X Digital Zoom provides an additional 2X magnification to zoom in close without jagged edges.
Capture Images In-Camera
With 25 MB2 Internal Memory, the DSC-S500 allows you to shoot without using a memory card -- then easily transfer your images to optional Memory Stick Duo™ media, upload photos to your computer or make prints on your digital printer.
Large 2.4" 1 LCD Screen
The DSC-S500 gives you a big, bright LCD screen for reading camera menus, composing shots, checking results and sharing your photos on location.
Convenient Photo Modes
To adjust quickly for specific shooting situations, the DSC-S500 lets you choose from several convenient photo modes: Auto, P-Auto, and Scene Selections for Twilight, Twilight Portrait, Landscape, Soft Snap, Candlelight, and Beach environments.Sony DSC S500 Digital Camera
QVGA Movie Mode
The DSC-S500 can capture 320 x 240 AVI audio/video clips at high frame rate (up to 30 frames per second), with length limited only by the capacity of your media.
Burst Mode
You can fire off three shots automatically at 1-second intervals (VGA standard mode) or 2-second intervals (6 MP mode) -- a great way to capture a child’s first steps or a pet’s best tricks.
Stamina® Battery Power
With optional Sony NiMH rechargeable batteries, you can capture up to an amazing 3502 shots -- shooting capacity that’s about the equivalent of 10 rolls of 35mm film. With supplied AA alkaline batteries, the DSC-S500 can capture up to 602 shots.
Memory Stick Duo™ Media Convenience
The DSC-S500 has a built-in slot for optional Memory Stick Duo™ media -- the compact, high-capacity storage media that are compatible with millions of devices worldwide.
Cyber-shot Viewer Software
Sony's new software that makes it easier to upload images from camera or Memory Stick Duo™ media -- then organize and browse through photos on your PC screen by simply scrolling through thumbnail images.

Sony DSC S500 Digital Camera
LCD 2.4"2 (110K Pixels TFT LCD Screen)
Viewfinder N/A
Lens Construction 6 Elements in 5 Groups, 2 Aspheric Elements
Microphone/Speaker Yes/Yes
Lens Type Sony
Docking Station N/A
Recording Media 25MB1 internal Flash Memory, optional Memory Stick® DUO Media, optional Memory Stick DUO PRO™ Media
Imaging Device 1/2.5" Super HAD™ CCD
Megapixel 6.0 MP
Total Zoom 6X
Optical Zoom 3X
Digital Zoom 0-2.0X (Precision)
Smart Zoom® Technology Up to 4.1X (3MP), 5.1X (2MP), 13X (VGA Resolution)3
35mm Equivalent 32-96mm
Aperture f2.8-5.6(W), f4.8-9.7 (T)
EV Compensation ±2.0 EV, 1/3 EV Steps
Focal Distance Normal Minimum: 19 3/4" (50cm)
Focal Length 5.4 – 16.2 mm
Focus Center Weighted AF
ISO Auto, 80, 100, 200, 400
Shutter Speed 1/8-1/2000 sec. (Auto); 1-1/2000 sec. (Program Auto)
Filter Diameter N/A
Macro Mode Auto Macro
Minimum Focus Distance 2" (5 cm)
Burst Mode 3 Shot at 2.0 fps (6MP JPEG fine), 3 Shot VGA at 1.0 fps (JPEG std.)
Date/Time Stamp No/ No
Erase/Protect Yes/ Yes
Media/Battery Indicator Yes/ Yes
Memory Stick PRO™ Media Compatibility Tested to support up to 4GB Memory Stick DUO PRO™ media capacity; does not support Access Control security function
Movie Mode(s) Presentation (AVI 320 x 240, 30FPS)
Color Mode(s) N/A
Power Save Mode Yes (after approx. 3 min. of inactivity)
Red-Eye Reduction Yes (On/Off)
Scene Mode(s) Beach, Candle, Landscape, Soft Snap, Twilight, Twilight Portrait
Self Timer Yes (10 seconds, 2 seconds, Off)
Still Image Mode(s) Burst, JPEG (Fine/Standard)
White Balance Automatic, Cloudy, Daylight, Fluorescent, Incandescent
Inputs and Outputs
Accessory Terminal N/A
Audio/Video Output(s) Yes
Input(s) N/A
USB Port(s) Yes (Supports USB 2.06)
Operating Conditions
Flash Effective Range ISO Auto: 19" to 8.2' (0.5-2.5 m)
Flash Mode(s) Auto, Forced, Off, Slow Synchro
Hybrid Record Mode N/A
Battery Capacity N/A
Battery Type "AA" NiMH, "AA" Alkaline
Operating System Compatibility Microsoft® 2000 Professional, Me, XP Home and Professional; Macintosh® OS 9.1/9.2/OS X (10.0-10.4)
Supplied Software Cyber-shot® Viewer Vers 1.0 + USB Driver, (Windows®)
Convenience Features
Real Imaging Processor Technology N/A
PictBridge Compatible Yes


Casio EX-S600 Digital Camera

Casio EX-S600 Digital Camera

Product Features

Casio EX-S600 Digital Camera
Everything you could expect from a compact digital camera packed in a true card configuration. More than a camera you take along with you, the EX-S600 is a high-performance digital camera that quickly becomes an integral part of your daily life. A new monitor screen delivers a view of your images that is twice as bright as previous models.
The high-quality MPEG-4 movie capabilities of the EX-S600 totally revolutionize the level of movie recording you can expect from your digital camera. And thanks to the go-anywhere card-size design of the EX-S600, it's always on hand to record movies as easily as snapshots. A new Movie Stabilizer feature helps to make movie recording easier than ever before!
The EX-S600 carries on the tradition of fine EXILIM CARD styling in a choice of four colors. The pyramid configuration of the top edge of the camera helps to facilitate shutter operation, while dedicated buttons provide direct, mode-less access to snapshot and movie recording. Everything about the EX-S600 is designed and engineered for to make digital imaging simpler and more enjoyable.
Key Features

* Movie Recording: The powerful movie feature of the EX-S600 records clear, smooth VGA size (640 x 480 pixels) movie images at 30 frames per second. The EX-S600 makes high-quality movie recording as easy as snapshots, for a totally new digital imaging experience. The EX-S600 slips easily into your pocket or purse which means it is always on hand for quick and easy movie recording no matter where you might happen to be!
Now you can record both the sights and sounds of parties, get togethers with your friends, your kids, or your pets. Movie images along with sound capture the mood of the moment like no snapshot ever can. An optionally available 1 GB SD memory card provides enough storage (Normal resolution) for about 60 minutes of movie recording.In addition to viewing movies on the camera's big 2.2" monitor screen, you can also connect to a TV for big screen viewing fun. Or your can connect to a DVD recorder and build an entire library of movies featuring your friends, your family, and of course, you!
* Snapshots: The Anti Shake DSP uses high ISO1600 sensitivity plus a faster shutter speed to minimize image blur due to hand movement of subject movement. (Anti Shake can be turned from the menu or by selecting the Anti Shake BEST SHOT sample scene.)
A high-performance CCD, a new EXILIM engine, and 6 million pixels of resolution produce beautifully detailed images. A 3-segment telescoping 3X optical zoom lens provides plenty of resolution in a thin design. Optical zoom in combination with 4X digital zoom delivers up to 12X total zoom. When you press the shutter button all the way without pausing, Quick Shutter focuses the image virtually immediately. This lets you capture fast-moving action, and also eliminates the chance of focus error when you ask someone else to record an image for you.
* High Brightness monitor Screen: The monitor screen automatically adjusts it brightness in accordance with current lighting conditions. Brightness can also be set manually, and the "Bright" setting provides brightness that is approximately twice that of past models. This setting makes it easier to view monitor screen contents outdoors under bright sunlight.
* Super Fast Operation: The amazing speed of the new EX-S600 helps to ensure it is always ready to capture those special moments whenever you are. Even though it is equipped with an optical zoom lens, the EX-S600 starts up in just 1.0 seconds1 and has a release time lag of only 0.007 second.2
* Cradle based charging and image transfer: The special cradle that comes bundled with the camera lets you mount the camera with its monitor screen facing towards you. The cradle provides simple charging of the camera's battery and automates transfer of images between the camera and a computer. A built-in Photo Stand feature provides automatic playback of movies and snapshots.
* Cropping Feature: The cropping feature makes it possible to trim away parts of an image you do not need. Thanks the to the 6-megapixel resolution of the EX-S600, even the trimmed image is crisp, clear, and detailed.
* Selectable startup image: The camera can be configured so it automatically displays a particular image whenever it is turned on. The startup image can be any snapshot or movie. You can also configure an ending image that is displayed whenever you turn off the camera

Casio EX-S600 Digital Camera
Imaging element 1/2.5-inch square pixel color CCD

(total pixels: 6.18 million, effective pixels: 6.00 million)
Image File Format Snapshots: JPEG (Exif Ver.2.2), DCF1.0 standard, DPOF compliant

Movies: AVI (MPEG-4)

Audio: WAV
Recording Media 8.3MB Built-in flash memory, SD Memory Card, Multimedia Card
Image Size (Pixels) Snapshots:2816×2112, 2816×1872 (3:2), 2304×1728, 2048×1536, 1600×1200, 640×480

Movies: 640×480 (HQ), 640×480 (Normal), 320×240 (LP)
Lens/Focal Distance F2.7(W) to 5.2(T), f=6.2(W) to 18.6(T)mm

(equivalent to approximately 38 to 114mm for 35mm film),

6 lenses in 5 groups, with aspherical lens
Zoom 3X optical zoom, 4X digital zoom (12X in combination with optical zoom)
Focusing Contrast Detection Auto Focus,

Focus Modes: Auto Focus, Macro mode, Pan Focus, Infinity mode,

manual focus

AF Area: spot, multi; AF Assist Light
Exposure Control Light metering: Multi-pattern, center-weighted, spot by CCD

Exposure: Program AE

Exposure Compensation: -2EV~+2EV (1/3EV steps)
Shutter CCD electronic shutter, mechanical shutter,

Snapshot mode (auto): 1/8 to 1/2000 second.

Night Scene: 4 to 1/2000 second

Depends on recording mode and ISO sensitivity.
Aperture F2.7/F4.3, auto switching

Using optical zoom causes the aperture to change
White balance Auto WB/ fixed (6 modes) / manual switching
Sensitivity Snapshots: Auto /ISO50/ISO100/ISO200/ISO400, Movies: Auto

Max ISO sensitivity is 1600 when taking pictures using Best Shot “Anti Shake”or “High Sensitivity”modes
Recording Functions Snapshot, audio snapshot (Maximum Audio: approximately 30 seconds); macro; self-timer; continuous shutter; BEST SHOT; flash assist; movie; voice recording
Self-timer 10 seconds, 2 seconds, Triple Self-timer
Built-in Flash Flash Modes: Auto Flash, On, Off, Red eye reduction

Flash Range: 0.4 to 2.8 meters(W); 0.4 to 1.4 meters(T)
Viewfinder Monitor screen
Monitor 2.2-inch TFT color LCD, 84,960 pixels (354×240)
Timekeeping Functions Date and time: Recorded with image data; Auto Calendar: To 2049

World Time: 162 cities in 32 time zones, City, Date, Time, summer time
Input/Output Terminals Cradle connector
USB USB 2.0 (Hi-Speed) compatible
Microphone Monaural
Speaker Monaural
Power Requirements Rechargeable lithium ion battery (NP-20)
Battery life Approx. 300 snapshots (CIPA Standards)

Continuous shooting: approx. 680 snapshots (approx 2 hr. 50 min.)

LCD monitor ON, Flash disabled, alternating between wide-zoom and telephoto-zoom every 15 seconds

Continuous playback: approx 4hr. 40 min. (snapshots)

Continuous recording: approx 1hr. 50 min. (movie)

Continuous recording: approx 5 hr. 30 min. (voice recording)
Dimensions 90(W) x 59(H) x 16.1(D)mm

(excluding projections, 13.7mm at thinnest part)
Weight Approximately 115g (excluding battery and accessories)
Accessories Rechargeable lithium ion battery, USB cradle, AC power cord, USB cable, AV Cable, Strap, CD-ROM, Basic Reference

Kingston 1GB SD Memory Card (Free Memory Card)
Join the many schools, consumers, businesses and government groups that use Kingston's standard Secure Digital cards when using SD-enabled devices. With the built-in write-protection switch to prevent accidental data loss, Kingston's legendary quality assurance and affordable price - you'll get peace of mind and the best price-to-performance value.

Kingston's standard Secure DigitalTM (SD) memory cards combine massive storage capacity, blazing data transfer rates and ironclad security in a memory card no bigger than a postage stamp. With an excellent price-to-performance value, Kingston's SD cards are ideal expansion option for the smallest of devices including MP3 players, digital cameras, PDAs, smartphones and more.

For added reliability and durability, our solid-state SD memory cards are built of nonvolatile memory components and have no moving parts to wear out or break.
Quickly and easily download and transfer digital files between various digital devices, a computer and the Internet. An SD memory card reader makes it easy to upload files from an SD memory card to a computer.
Key Features

* Capacity: 1GB
* Dimensions: 0.94" x 1.25" x 0.08" (24mm x 32mm x 2.1mm)
* Speed Rating: Up to 5MB/sec. read rate, Up to 1.5MB/sec. write rate
* Operating Temperature: -13º F to 185º F (-25º C to 85 º C)
* Storage Temperature: -40º F to 185º F (-40º C to 85º C)
* Voltage: 3.3v
* Compliant: with the SD Card Association card specification
* Small: about the size of a postage stamp (24mm x 32mm x 2.1mm)
* Secure: built-in write-protect switch prevents accidental data loss
* Simple: as easy as plug-and-play
* Economical: low power consumption is easy on device's batteries
* Storage Capacity: 3MP Images(Number of Pictures)- 904, MP3 Songs(assumes 4 minute songs at 128 Kb/sec. AAC encoding)- 190, WMA Songs(Approximate; assumes 4 minute songs at 64 Kb/sec. WMA encoding)- 190


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

shopping loved ones this Christmas

Get a head start on shopping for your loved ones this Christmas

It seems like every year the majority of people, including myself, leave Christmas shopping until the last minute. Whether it is a week or a day before, it is often very stressful trying to buy something to express our love in such a rush and sea of people.

Many are under the misconception that if they leave their shopping until the last minute, they will catch discounts and sales. Most retailers are discounting much earlier to ensure they do get their sales targets. This is not just for average items, but for popular sought after goods and brand names.

So don’t wait around until the last minute, stressed out about the crowds that are filling up the stores. Get your pen and paper and start you list of loved ones to buy for. You want to be sure you can actually get what you want for each person, instead of having to buy what’s available.

Sometimes when you do leave the Christmas shopping to the last minute, you can’t get any good presents because the popular items have already sold out. Why not look online for your gifts this year? There are websites that can help you find any item you are looking to buy this Christmas, at a genuinely discounted price.

It doesn’t matter what brand, color or style, the world wide web will find it for you. The specials and discounts are starting already, and they are always only while stocks last, so don’t miss out! Be organized and make it so you can relax and enjoy the build up to Christmas, without having to stress about still having a mountain of shopping to do.

Are you planning to buy perfume for someone special, or perhaps and MP3 player for your daughter or son? Is there a new grandchild in the family, or maybe you have even planned what you are getting for yourself this Christmas? Are you planning on adding to your father’s golf club collection, or your sister’s DVD’s? And of course you are looking for something super special for your Mother! If you use the internet, you can easily compare prices before you buy.

A dear friend of mine sat down last night and wrote out a list of who she wanted to buy for, and what she would like to buy them. She also wrote out people she will be seeing on New Year's Eve that she would like to give a small gift to as well. They have a big celebration party and like to exchange presents with close friends that they not seeing on Christmas day.

Next she went to www.Allneedsandwants.com and started searching through the simple categories. She found something for every person on her list at surprisingly low and affordable prices! Ok She had never felt so satisfied with her Christmas shopping results before.

This year, for the first time, she is really organized with her Christmas shopping. It was delivered so quickly after she ordered it all online, and she is amazed by how affordable and easy it really was. Some were even gift wrapped! Imagine one evening in front of your home computer, in the comfort of your own home, and that’s all your Christmas shopping worries over!

It is a wonderful feeling! Give it a try – you will want to buy everything then and there, they are so well priced. You will even find while you are searching you will come across things you hadn’t even thought of getting as gifts that your loved ones will love. For example she was looking for a golf club for her dad, and while she was searching the category, she found a great gift. It is a golfer’s titanium bracelet for people with injuries, and she knew he is going to love the idea of pain free golf days. It is something she didn’t even know existed, but he will love it more than another club.

Now Karen is definitely one satisfied customer of internet Shopping, especially with Allneedsandwants.com , and she is looking forward to Christmas shopping next year, which is definitely a first for her!



Unique Birthday Gift Idea Online

Unique Birthday Gift Idea Online

One should agree that birthday gift is something special, but coming up with an unique birthday gift idea may not be easy.

Everybody likes to receive birthday gifts, while some people consider the tradition of birthday gift giving to be a very boring obligation. Are you tired of gifting sterotyped birthday presents to people? How can you come up with an original idea that is sure to be a hit? Well, the limitless potential of the internet makes choosing a unique gift as easy as ever.

Apart from the traditional birthday gifts, you can select some truly beautiful unique present for someone special from scores of companies flooding the market. Numerous giftware companies fill the market providing both pre-designed and ready-make birthday gifts, as well as customized birthday gifts for all. Real flowers, clothes, gift baskets, electronic goods, crystals, jewels, leather goods, wallets, cheese cakes, toys, bags, home decorators, plants, cookery, books, body and bath products, musical boxes, engraved pens, scented candles, and customized plaque inscriptions besides others.

Another outstanding idea for finding a unique gift online is to try an auction site, such as ebay. These sites are great because they bring together thousands of merchants that offer almost anything you can imagine. You can search for any item or topic, and you will then be able to place bids on any product that you are interested in.

Collectibles can be great unique birthday gift idea for those who enjoy antiques or unique items. Find out what your friend enjoys collecting and give a collectible gift that will add to their collection. Another great birthday gift is one that enhances their favorite hobby or pasttime. If the recipient enjoys listening to music, visit an electronics section of your favorite Web store to find a unique CD player or other music-related gift. If they enjoy watching movies or television, there are many electronics products to make entertainment more enjoyable than ever.

Shopping for that perfect birthday gift doesn't have to be stressful. Most important of all, you should have a general idea of what the recipient likes. Show you care with a personalized gift and help make your loved one's birthday the best one yet! The better you know the recipient the more unique birthday gift idea you can come up with!



Bags of Shopping in Norwich

Bags of Shopping in Norwich

With its lively city centre shopping and wealth of small boutiques in the nearby towns and villages, the Norwich area has the shopping experience to suit everyone.

The city centre, with its large pedestrian areas, mix of quirky, independent shops, open-air market and spacious modern shopping malls make Norwich a unique shopping destination and it has recently been voted as one of Britains top 5 places to shop. Away from the city, market towns and villages provide the ideal opportunity to browse the range of individual shops in a relaxed, but vibrant atmosphere.

The many market towns around the city offer a wealth of shops with individual character and style. Diss, Wymondham, Harleston and Aylsham are among the towns that still have a weekly market day, as well as occasional antiques and collectors fairs, farmers markets and auctions. Meanwhile, head out to Wroxham on the Broads and discover Roys, the world’s largest village store.

Norwich also boasts the country’s largest open-air market. Recently refurbished, the colourful stalls offer a vast selection of goods. The market is a great place to grab a snack while you browse around soaking up the atmosphere, you can also snap up a bargain.

The medieval alleys and winding back streets in the heart of the city form the Norwich Lanes. Lined with a fascinating range of specialist shops, The Lanes are a must for those looking for an original gift or that something extra special. Designer clothing, books, antiques and even teddy bears are among the many found here. Nearby, The Royal Arcade is home to delightful small shops, including the famous Colman’s Mustard Shop and Museum.

High street names and large department stores are well represented in the central area and the city’s two major shopping centres, the award-winning Castle Mall and the Chapelfield shopping centre. John Lewis, House of Fraser, Boots, Marks & Spencer and Debenhams are among the well-known major outlets, as well as many fashion brands. Family-owned, Jarrold was recently named UK Independent Department Store of the Year.

Whether you’re after a bargain or searching for an original gift, you are sure to find ideas in abundance in Norwich.

What’s more a brand new shopping guide has been specially designed for anyone who loves to shop until they drop. The ShopNorwich map has been produced by VisitNorwich to promote Norwich’s wide range of retail experiences from department stores to independent boutiques.

It features 20 different retail areas across Norwich, each of which are cross-referenced on a map of the city, and also provides information on transport links, shopmobility, park and ride, and visitor information contacts. The ShopNorwich map has been designed to help visitors get the most out of their shopping trip to the city and promote its outstanding retail offer to the wider marketplace regionally and nationally.

Clare Packer, Marketing Manager for VisitNorwich, said: “Norwich is fantastic for its range of shopping and at last this new map will help visitors and shoppers uncover the different delights of the city especially the independent stores and the smaller specialist shops within the cobbled streets and alleyways of the Norwich Lanes. It showcases the breadth and quality of the Norwich shopping experience and we hope it will encourage visitors and shoppers to come to the area time and again.”

At the same time as launching the new ShopNorwich map, VisitNorwich has collaborated with VisitBritain and Now magazine in a national competition. The prize, for one winner and 3 friends, is a £5000 luxury shopping weekend in Norwich. Melanie Cook, Marketing and Web Sales Executive for VisitNorwich, said: “This is a fantastic opportunity to showcase Norwich retail at its best we are delighted to be participating in this national competition. We have 22 superb sponsors from across the city providing prizes which include, luxury boutique accommodation, shopping vouchers, makeovers, hair styling, meals, drinks and beautiful gifts. The prizewinners will have an amazing time they will be totally spoilt and won’t want to go home!” To enter the competition which closes 8th December, visit our web site link below.



Novelty Gifts Perfect For Any Occasions

Novelty Gifts Perfect For Any Occasions

On logging on the site, you will find thousands of stars to choose from. You then select a sector and a direction in the sky wherein you select a star for her. With this, she gets a deed as proof on the ownership of the star along with a star map that shows her the location of the star. There is also a booklet having information on her own, personal star. And all this does not cost a fortune; it can be got for less than $50.

Then you could offer makeover coupons that are found in many websites as a gift for the woman of you life. However, never hind that she has to change the way she looks when presenting the gift as she may not like the notion, and may not appreciate the gift! There are also sites on the internet that personalizes photo albums, towels, blankets and pens for the person you care about in your life. This can be a gift not meant only for women, but is also a good choice for presenting men too.

If it is a gift you are looking for the man of your life, there are also many sites on the Internet that provides you with novel ideas for the right gift. Of course, naming a star is also a feasible gift for a man; it need not be an idea meant solely for presentation to women. Watches are items that men like, and there are many novelty watches available on the Internet for you to choose from to present your man. Different people have different fancies towards watches. It is up to you to choose the right watch that suits the needs and temperaments of your man.

Men usually like handiwork. So another great idea is buying a tool box that is special for your husband or friend. Toolboxes come in varying sizes, shapes and tools. Some toolboxes contain the minimum of tools, while there are some toolboxes that contain much more than the bare essential of tools. Other than tools, another gift that is suitable for men are sports equipment. Most men are gold lovers, so you could gift a golf club set or golf clubs or other golf accessories to him. Even equipment of other sports like bats and gloves all prove to be the right novelty gift for the ardent sports lover.

When it comes to children, there are many sites offering beautiful and colorful toys and games to be bought. There are numerous books, sports equipment and computer games that you can choose from for presenting your children. And if you just can’t come up with an idea to buy as a novelty gift, you could always present a gift card where the recipient just has to visit the establishment that issued the card, and to spend the amount of money stipulated in the gift card!



Have I got deal for you

Have I got a deal for you

Shopping online offers many positives: convenience – you shop in the comfort of your own home at any time of the day or night you choose; selection- thousands of stores at your fingertips; security- contrary to what many believe, online transactions with secure sites can be the more secure than handing your credit card to a sales associate, or walking through a mall and subjecting yourself to possible theft; and perhaps most inviting, the opportunity for substantial savings!

I have to admit to being a devoted online shopper. But, I am even more devoted to finding the best deal possible. There are dozens of ways to save online.

First, of course, the stores themselves often offer online discounts not available in brick and mortar (B&M) stores. Plus, the online stores that do not operate B&M stores, like Amazon.com not only discount most items on their sites, but regularly offer additional savings in the form of discounts, free shipping, or both. For the novice, try the Amazon.com Friday only sale!

Next are the “deals” sites. Most of these sites provide two or three services. First, they alert you to special savings on virtually any product daily. Next, they catalogue all of the discount codes that can be used in ordering to reap greater savings. And, third, some will even hunt down a bargain on a specific item for you. There’s even a site that posts the “Black Friday” sales at major B&M stores like Best Buy and Kmart weeks in advance, and one that posts on Saturday the grocery coupons that will appear in your Sunday newspaper supplements. It doesn’t take long to do your homework, investigate the best sites for your needs and bookmark them for use when you are ready to shop.

There are also member sites (free membership) that provide monetary rebates, or the opportunity to accumulate points for discount redemption. All these sites ask is that you click through them to reach the store site you plan to shop with. The actual rebates are usually small – 1% to 6% of your purchase. But they add up, and how exciting when that forgotten about $15 or $20 check comes in the mail every few months!

Here’s an example. I needed a new pair of black pants. I found what I wanted – style and size - at an online store. They were onsale - marked down from $29.00 to $24.00. I went to one of my bookmarked deals sites and found a discount code for 40% off any item. Then, I opened my member rebate site, clicked to open the store site, located my pants and put them in my “shopping cart. I went to checkout, entered my discount code, bringing the cost of the pants to $14.40. Shipping was $4.99 – bringing the total to $19.39. I paid no tax; I didn’t drive my car, so spent nothing on gas or parking; and the entire effort lasted about 15 minutes and I did it in my robe and slippers. Then I received a credit from my rebate site for an additional $1.54.

Sometimes you can find “stackable” codes that allow both a percentage discount and free shipping. Many of the major retailers offer consistent free shipping – some with a purchase minimum, some with no minimum.
If you haven’t shopped online, but are looking at the shrinking power of your dollars, I strongly suggest hopping on the online shopping train!



Email Marketing For Your Business

Email Marketing For Your Business

Email Marketing has become the easiest and one of the most effective ways to sell your products and services on the internet. Many people make Thousands and some even millions by using this means of advertising.

The first way of using Email Marketing is by using an Opt-in list. This is where you will pay a company to use their list. *Hint* before doing so make sure they are a reputable company. The cost will vary from company to company but is relatively cheap. The downside to this is that you are sending your email to a broad audience. Some companies will have a more defined audience for you to choose from. Again do some research.

The second is the cheapest and most effective way of Email Marketing is to build a list of your own. Have an email form on your website so people can join.

This can be done in many ways, here are a couple of ideas.

Start your own Newsletter informing customers and future customers about new products, sales or special promotions.

Have a Newsletter on helping others with building a successful business and tell them about the business tools that you use. These are only a couple of ideas. Get creative.

Having your own list means that the people on it are there for a reason. So your audience is very targeted.

Kill 2 birds with 1 stone....What??
You can purchase an Opt-in list and advertise your Newsletter. So you are advertising to a broad audience, but you will narrow them down to the ones that sign-up to your Newsletter.

To really take advantage of this powerful marketing resource, make sure that your emails are catchy and to the point. Otherwise all of your work will have gone to waste.

Also, Never use a persons email address for your Email Marketing if they haven`t Joined your list or given you permission to do so. Nobody likes to get Spammed and it will ruin your reputation and credibility.

Email Marketing is a very effective way to reach thousands, even millions of prospective customers. So get cracking and start building your own list.


Smart Shoppers Guide Shoe Shopping

The Smart Shoppers Guide to Online Shoe Shopping

We’ve all heard stories, rumors and even some urban legends about nightmarish experiences when shopping online, especially for shoes. Someone’s credit card numbers were taken and used by a complete stranger, their bank account was drained, or even their total identity was stolen right out from under them. Although many of these stories are true or at least have some truth to them, there are a few things you should keep in mind while shopping online for shoes or anything else to help keep you and your privacy safe from would-be predators.

First things first: be sure that the site you are shopping for shoes on is a legitimate one. What we’re trying to say is that there are a lot of fly-by-night operations out there that are in business for no other reason than to take your money and not deliver the promised merchandise. Such things to look for include:

 Be sure that the Verisign logo (or comparable alternative) is visible on the site. This will keep you and your credit card and/or other type of payment information safe from would-be thieves.

 A phone number that can be easily traced to a physical address.

 A physical address that their business operates out of, not a box number. A warehouse is fine, but a brick and mortar storefront location is even better. Not only will this help with the legitimate points of the operation, but real, live people will be able to assist you with questions, comments or concerns. For example, maybe one particular brand or style of shoe runs a bit smaller than an average shoe. A real person is able to tell you these types of things before you make your purchase and save you the hassle of a return.

Another thing that you should look for while shopping for shoes online is a good return policy. Not only will this add a warm feeling to your purchase, but also it will ease your personal tensions regarding your online shoe shopping experience.

Of course, an online shop that keeps your particular size in stock is always a plus. It would be quite depressing to spend your valuable time picking out the perfect pair of shoes only to find out that your size isn’t in stock, and won’t be for a few weeks.

Finally, you’ll want to conduct your online shoe shopping with a shop that offers a wide variety of brands and styles. You may be shopping for one type of shoe today, but who really knows what type of path you’ll be jogging down tomorrow- and you’ll probably need the right shoes for that particular surface.



Cash Savings Online Christmas Shoppers

Cash Savings Online For Christmas Shoppers

With the cost of living going up, gas prices skyrocketing, and people losing jobs,etc. the need for assistance and direction became evident. Christmas Playland an online super site was born.

A few years ago while surfing the web for job assistance an idea was born to create a true one stop site just for adults only. Realizing how vast the internet is and how overwhelming it can be for the average individual with limited time,the creator of Christmas Playland at set out to build a major marketplace that would be simple in design but helpful especially during the holidays. The idea of streaming the basic needs of the common surfer at times proved to be extremely demanding.

To build a site of this magnitude one must find out what the people want. Questionnaires were sent randomly to ages that ranged from 18 and above. Many agreed that there were many online shopping,travel, and entertainment deals but they didn't know where to look. The need for services and direction was the other request. A large majority of the public uses the internet as a source of information.

Christmas Playland brought in not only the hottest companies and services,but offered many smaller shops and business services an opportunity to be located on one site. One of the largest online job search sites was built as well. Christmas Playland was to stay in tuned to the needs of the time and people. Saving the people money and time is the overall concern of the staff of Christmas Playland who scoured the web daily looking for the best internet deals available to provide.

The idea was also to create a place where not having money wasn't always an option .The theme of the site reflects that of a fun marketplace , therefore there are plenty of free games, entertainment , and even one of the best dating sections for adults. Christmas Playland brought in over 7000 top retailers and services with the idea to help provide a true one stop experience for the public during the Christmas holiday.



Online Shopping consumers perspective

Online Shopping a consumers perspective

“Don’t open a shop, unless you like to smile.” This Chinese proverb seems to be finding many quality takers when it comes to online shopping. There were no second thoughts ever on the importance of having a smiling customer and the fact has only been accentuated over the years.

If online shopping is a buzzword, it is consumers who have inflated the air surrounding it and created the aura. But as it goes, privileges are accountable for responsibilities and truly so the onus lies on online shoppers to identify and segregate from the myriads of online shopping websites, the one which is apropos to their needs, fair in its deals and believe in transparency rather than obscurity of information. Phew!!! Is it too much to ask for or can be attributed as a fair amount of attentiveness on the part of online shoppers. The answer does not lie in spontaneity but demands observation, comparison and above all patience which needless to say lie in the domain of consumers.

There are certain key questions that a consumer needs to answer before deciding on an online shopping website to buy a product (viz. gifts, clothes, gadgets, mobiles) or services (e.g. secured loans, unsecured loans, life insurance, home insurance etc.). How safe are the information which he is putting in while registering or shopping with a website, the quantity and quality of retailers listed, how competitive are the deals offered (here one needs to compare it with other websites for discounts and cashbacks) and last but not the least how true to its words that website is?

The idea is not to be apprehensive but to be careful, attentive and aware. Online shopping has certainly gained momentum and the consumers need to keep the pace with these websites and make the most out of the options available rather than getting disconcerted.



Women Men Christmas Shopping

Poll Reveals What Women Have Known All Along Men Hate Christmas Shopping

I don’t think men are from Mars. I think they’re from Whoville, where every year they align with the Grinch and band together to ruin Christmas. Each holiday, after thoughtfully deciding on, shopping for, and wrapping the perfect presents for my boyfriend, I can’t wait to see what he picked out for me. I breathlessly anticipate tearing open the perfect romantic/sentimental gift, and every year I’m sorely disappointed.

I’m not alone.

Do they do it on purpose? Of course not. It’s just that men hate the pressure of holiday shopping and would cut off their right arm to avoid it.

It shows.

We women, on the other hand, have high expectations because we put lots of thought into gift-giving. Throughout the year, we pick up on the little hints he drops and then do our darndest to make sure he has a wonderful holiday filled with everything his heart desires. To women, gifts have hidden meanings, and we try to decode them to understand how our guy feels about us.

To men, buying us gifts is a necessary relationship evil, ranking right up there with attending our mother’s birthday party.

If you’re a woman over the age of fifteen, you know exactly what I’m taking about. In the name of research, however, I went out in the field and asked random men plus a few guy friends whether they look forward to shopping for that special something that will thrill their wife or girlfriend, or whether they dread it more than, say, buying tampons.

Read no further if you think there will be surprises. It was unanimous: Men hate holiday shopping. Yes, even more than cruising the feminine products aisle. Yes, even the sweet guys, and, yes, even your man. Here’s what they said:

Peter: “I am in the bah humbug category.”

Gary: “I hate having to shop for my girlfriend at Christmas. It’s way too much pressure and the holiday is too commercialized. I buy her nice things throughout the year when I see them. But I don’t want to have to buy her something just because society says I have to on a certain day. It’s so stupid.”

“I hate shopping, period. I do try to be thoughtful but sometimes I'm more successful than others. Keep my name out of this, please. My wife reads your blog.” Anonymous

Jason: “I enjoy it, but I can say this because I don’t currently have a girlfriend.”

Ron: “The pressure I feel to outdo myself each year gets overwhelming. It is hard to keep being imaginative and thoughtful. Plus, guys like to buy practical things, but women don't seem to appreciate a new toaster for Christmas, even if they desperately need one.”

TJ: “I love shopping for my girlfriend. It's the wife who is the hardest. What do you get someone who buys everything she wants already? I get more mileage out of making her a gift from scratch. I use some construction paper, maybe a few cotton balls (for snowmen), some nice green and red crayon, BAM: instant romantic card.

Mike: “I typically don't like holiday shopping for my wife, but I do strive to give her thoughtful gifts. I don't wait until the last minute, but if I do the shopping too early, I always think I've shortchanged her, and end up buying a couple of more presents. The grand total is always too much (in her opinion, not mine).”

Steve: “After 14 years of marriage I have learned the value of the gift certificate. The store is never out of them. Plus it gives my wife and kids a chance to get out of the house. She has a good time as long as the kids behave. And if they don't, she can't wait to get back to the house so it's like several gifts. Either way, I get time alone. I consider myself a very thoughtful husband.”

David: “My wife never tells me what she wants so I usually get her jewelry or a gift certificate or something that she can take back. I don't hate it but it's not my idea of a fun thing to do on my day off. Sometimes I buy her gloves or something like that and a book and a gift certificate and some jewelry like gold or pearl earrings. That's it. One year I bought her a bike. That was not a good thing.”

Matt: “Yes, I hate shopping for my wife. Lingerie is returned for something more comfortable. Jewelry is greeted with an eye-roll if it isn't diamonds. Plus, it's hard to get creative at Christmas since you've been milked on birthdays, anniversaries, birth of children, etc. Shopping for the girlfriend, on the other hand, is much more enjoyable. Everything is met with wide eyes and glee. But I'm sure that will end over time also.”

John: “Usually yes, I hate shopping. However, this year we have decided to give each other ideas (not necessarily a list) so it should be much easier. Of course there will be a few surprises thrown in. Over the years though, it has been a stressful time. I think that whole Mars & Venus comes into play. She wants cleaning to be easier... a new Shop Vac oughta help. Something we can enjoy together...doesn’t a plasma TV fit the bill?”

Jim: “I am not crazy about shopping generally, but I don’t really mind holiday shopping. I figure she puts up with my crap all year long, so it’s my chance to do something nice and let her know I appreciate her. Choosing something she’ll really like is tough sometimes, and the fact that I’m a world-class procrastinator doesn’t help things. I try to have some fairly definite ideas about what to get, and then hit the mall early (like 8:00 a.m., usually the Saturday before Christmas) before the crowds arrive.”
Also from Jim: “Cautionary tale about a guy I used to work with: He waited until Christmas Eve to go shopping for his wife, and when he tried to check out he discovered that she had already maxed out all their credit cards! Having no cash, he came home empty handed. He was in the maison-de-pooch for quite a while.”
Dan: “My friend and I shop for our wives together every December 24. First, we hit a few bars. Then we hit some more. Just before the mall closes, we race in, buy whatever’s on the Gap mannequin in our wives’ size, and go back to drinking. Our wives get pretty pissed when they get the same outfit. But isn’t it the thought that counts?”
Ben: “I always intend to get a thoughtful, wonderful gift, not always expensive but thoughtful. Sometimes when it clicks perfectly I get the gift and surprise her with it. But sometimes when the schedule of my whacked out life is too much I miss my window and end up with a turd of a gift. I am always aware of the gift being a turd or not. Guys like to pretend they are oblivious to all of this and get to say, ‘I'm a guy, what do you expect?’ We are aware however.”

See what I mean? Young and old, sweet and not-so-much, married and unmarried, men are all alike when it comes to Christmas shopping for women. As my friend’s wise mother put it, “Lamb, they are all the same.” Indeed.
Girls’ Survival Strategy
So what’s a girl to do? Much as we hate it, the best way to get exactly what we want is to spell it out, leaving no stone unturned. Give him specifics: List the URL or store location, price, color, size and SKU. This strategy ruins the surprise, sure, but at least you won’t end up with a leather thong or a CD of heavy metal monster ballads.
Another option is to have a good friend call your man and say, “Hey, if you’re stuck about what to get your wife/girlfriend this Christmas, we were shopping last week and she mentioned she’d love to have X. Thought you’d want to know.”
Or, do as my friend Annie does and buy things for yourself, have them gift-wrapped, ship them to your home, and send him the bill.
The last option is to do what I do: Hope and pray that this year will finally be different and that he’ll spend a lot of time and effort searching for the perfect present that will show how wild he is about me and how well he really knows the inner me.
With expectations like that, it’s no wonder I’m always bawling on Christmas morning.
Pointers for Men
For men with women who refuse to tell them what they want (and yes, darling boyfriend, if you’re reading this it applies to you too), there are a few staples that make most women happy. They are: a beautiful full-length coat (hint: if she’s a vegan, skip the fur and leather), diamond or pearl jewelry, tickets to an island getaway or a gift certificate to her favorite clothing store.
My best advice, much as men hate it, is to pay attention to her comments throughout the year. Has she mentioned a trendy restaurant she wants to try? Make reservations and stick a note in her stocking. Does she love Oprah? How about the TV host’s 20th anniversary DVD collection? Is she into jewelry? Freshwater cultured pearls are affordable and lovely; lavender freshwater cultured pearls are trendy and hot right now. As always, Tiffany & Co. jewelry will make her day, but if you’re short on cash, get her a few books on subjects she’s into (the thought will melt her) or burn her a mix CD of songs that remind you of her. I wouldn’t attempt making her a homemade card, though, unless you’re planning on tucking tickets to St. Baarts inside.
One final thought: If you want to have a merry Christmas, avoid giving her the following gifts AT ALL COST:
• Kitchen appliances, including, but not limited to
o mixers
o blenders
o toasters
o microwaves
o exception: High-end coffee maker
• Tools (she knows you just want to borrow them)
• Sheetrock (my friend did actually get this one year)
• Weight-loss books, tapes, magazines, gadgets, etc. Don’t even GO there, mister!
• TVs (another gift that’s a thinly-disguised present for you)
• Puppies (c’mon, everyone wants to pick their own dog, and who wants to train one during a holiday)
• Sports tickets (like you, we claim to love stuff we hate just to make you happy)
• Gift certificate for a makeover (obvious, obvious mistake)
Good luck, guys. Try to stay out of the doghouse this year.



Saturday, February 17, 2007

Boom In Online Retailing Online retailers

Boom In Online Retailing Boom for Online retailers

Online retailing is on the upswing all over the western world but in UK this trend has captured the imagination of the common man. According to research conducted by money transfer site Paypal Europe, by 2010, 6% of UK consumers will purchase goods and acquire services online. In 2005 consumers in UK bought goods worth £8.2 billion from various marketing web portals, which is up by almost 29% from the online sales achieved by portals in the year previous to this, stated Verdict, a respected market analyst. This is something which has caught fire with the proliferation of broadband, which is considerably quicker than the old dial-up services.

With the increase of consumers it is all but obvious that the number of platforms offering these services will shoot up. Now, the dilemma for the consumer is in this plethora of ‘players’, with whom should they play the game? The answer as usual is hidden somewhere in the ‘fine print’. The two things one should always be aware of are: whenever anything sounds too good to be true, it most probably isn’t and everyone in this field is here for doing business and is not your best buddy as most of these online retailers, selling almost everything under the sky, claim. The standard practice that almost all of them indulge in is offering cold cash for joining their domain and then offer cashback for the purchases made online, so far so good.

What has left the consumer exasperated is the inadvertent delays, which these portals claim are unavoidable, in paying up the cashback amount or in few cases non-payment of the ‘promised’ amount. As the complaints against the old players are rising people are increasingly looking more towards the new players who are stepping into the market with a newer outlook towards the trade and better work ethics, at least this is what the consumer thinks or wishes.

The latest entrants are expected to rise above the set benchmarks because that is the only way they will be able to survive in this highly competitive field. They are bound to offer lucrative schemes and better services because that will be the logical and practical thing to do as to establish the brand name they need to win over the trust of their potential consumer and the easiest way to achieve it would be to deliver on their promises. This simply makes business sense and business is what they are here to do.